Personalized Workstation Administration Services

Every workstation that does not work within normal parameters, or doesn't technically answer to your business needs, causes loss to your organization. With the development of your business and the installation of new equipment, professional workstation management services play a decisive role in maintaining your organization's operational performance.



Configuration and Maintenance

PRAS workstation management services account for the entire IT infrastructure of your organization, network, and telecommunication services.
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Workstation Monitoring

Using our cutting-edge technology to monitor operating parameters, our team ensures that your workstations are running without interruption.
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Periodic and Proactive Maintenance

Our specialists are ready to intervene remotely or at your headquarters for any hardware and software problem on your workstations.
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Application Management

From patches and app installation on workstations, to prompt support for restoring operations after a crash, PRAS relieves you of your IT worries.
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Antivirus Management

Managing cybersecurity measures, especially on workstations, it is important to profit from the experience of highly-trained specialists.
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Development Solutions

PRAS has the expertise to help you develop intelligent IT infrastructures with advanced hardware and software solutions.
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We Work only with Verified Data

Each project starts with a detailed analysis of workstations, functionality and business requirements. Then, PRAS specialists design the most appropriate service package and ensure that all key metrics are matched by direct measurements.


Authorized Microsoft Gold Partner

Although PRAS expertise is not limited to this, our team is well-prepared to manage workstations that work with:

  • MS Windows 2000
  • MS Windows XP
  • MS Windows Vista
  • MS Windows 7
  • MS Windows 8
  • MS Windows 10
MS Office suite
  • All versions


Apple Workstations

Until a while ago, Apple devices were seen as products meant exclusively for consumers. Now, given their popularity amongst professionals, mobile devices and Apple (Mac) workstations are used in companies of all sizes and in all fields.

We think it's perfectly normal to work with the technologies you love, and that when you do it you have every chance of success. Therefore, the PRAS team is ready to provide integration and maintenance for Apple devices, OS X and iOS operating systems and the productivity suites available on Macs and Apple mobile devices.

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