Custom Cloud Solutions

We are pursuing the best possible services and continuously improving the cloud solutions implemented by PRAS. As our customers' needs frequently change, our IT solutions are built to easily support scaling, both in terms of performance and size, and in terms of cloud infrastructure functionality. And the benefits don’t stop here:



Data Security

The data security solutions implemented by PRAS eliminate the risk of information loss or interception and provide full control over user accessibility.
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Cost Reduction

Optimized workflows and hardware resources and competitive software administration and licensing costs cause the cloud solutions we implement to be quite advantageous.
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Prompt 24/7 Support

PRAS specialists can handle the ongoing management of the implemented cloud solution. Data stored in servers will be protected, complete, accurate and available in a timely manner.
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Operational Simplicity

Say goodbye to twisting cables and countless lost hours in the data center. Architectural changes, software upgrades, and application installs are performed on the spot with immediate results.
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IT Infrastructure Flexibility

The storage and computing needs of your organization are oscillating. PRAS cloud solutions allow you to restrict and expand the real-time IT resources used by your company.
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Optimized Solutions

The team of IT specialists here at PRAS is constantly pursuing the certifications required to better meet your organization’s specific cloud service needs.
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Renowned Solutions

The PRAS expertise is supported by solid partnerships with cloud market leaders. For all the solutions and services we implement, we work closely with our technology partners to give you an exceptional IT experience.

PRAS Partners


Microsoft Office 365

Web collaboration platform that includes office applications, email, calendar, online meetings, document storage and sharing, task management, and multimedia content management.


Microsoft Windows Intune

Web console that simplifies the administration and security of all applications and devices used by employees, allowing them to operate at maximum performance.


Microsoft Azure

Cloud platform that covers all your organization's computing and storage needs, from virtual machines and SQL databases to backup and cloud + on-premises hybrid infrastructures.


Cloud Backup Solutions

PRAS has the expertise and experience to ensure the integrity of your company data through backup procedures and IT security systems.


Unified DOCument eXchange (UDOCX)

Secure document processing service that lets you scan, store, transmit and print documents anywhere in the world.

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