PRAS Security Policy

PRAS implements adaptive security solutions for your entire IT infrastructure. Our IT security solutions are optimized to have minimal impact on computing resources, but especially to prevent and combat even the most advanced cyber attacks and to remove even the most subtle vulnerabilities.

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Microsoft PKI Standard

Used to secure communication and business transactions, the PKI solution offers a combination of encryption technologies, software, processes and IT services. A personalized PKI solution can be designed to meet your organization's technical and security requirements, from confidentiality and integrity, to authenticity and non-repudiation.
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Business Continuity Solutions

PRAS provides expert consultancy in the implementation of solutions that allow companies to maintain their ongoing operations in case of data loss or other unforeseen IT events. These solutions start from simple backup configurations and reach complex business continuity plans (BCP) or Disaster Recovery (DR) infrastructures.
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Prompt 24/7 Support

Continuous management of cyber security measures, including workstations, is crucial to be performed by highly-trained specialists. The PRAS team has the expertise to evaluate both the physical security of your IT infrastructure and to ensure the logical security of information, taking into account the software used by your organization and the architecture of your IT systems.
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Network Security

The network security solutions implemented by PRAS are built to eliminate the risk of unauthorized interception of information and provide full control over data accessibility. All relevant information should be easily accessible to employees and inaccessible to any other person.
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Data Encryption

Appropriate for companies with many external clients, the data encryption solutions offered by PRAS first and foremost entail the implementation of a data encryption policy inside your company.
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Antivirus and Anti-Spam Solutions

The antivirus and anti-spam security solutions offered by PRAS are continuously monitored and updated. By effectively protecting against viruses, spam and, in general, against cyber-attacks, data loss or corruption risks are minimized. PRAS deploys powerful IT security solutions from Kaspersky, McAfee and NOD32, Bitdefender and Microsoft.


Data Protection and Network Security Solutions

Along with our partners in the field of network security and data protection, PRAS makes business activities safe under optimum conditions. You can count on us to be proactive and ensure, through periodic testing, the full safety of your network and information, using state-of-the-art technologies.


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