Secure and Reliable Communications

From simple video conferencing solutions to complex integrations with analog or digital telephony systems, PRAS experience includes:

  • High availability based on geographical distribution of services and real-time balancing of resources
  • Hosting solutions based on MS Skype for Business
  • MS Skype for Business integration solutions with classic or VoIP telephony systems, as well as with MS Exchange, for a complete unified communications experience
  • Fenestrae solutions for digitization and unification, centralizing documents on paper, fax and email, making access to disparate documents much more efficient

Four Immediate Benefits

We are determined to provide your organization with the best possible IT services and we are concerned with the continuous improvement of the unified communication solutions implemented by PRAS.


Operational Simplicity

The IT PRAS team has the experience and certifications needed to better meet your specific communications needs.

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Secure Communications

Communication security solutions implemented by PRAS eliminate the risk of interception and give full control over user accessibility.

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Prompt 24/7 Support

PRAS specialists will be in charge of correctly managing the implemented communication solution. Your colleagues from PRAS are always a phone call or a click away.

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Cost Reduction

Competitive administration and licensing prices, optimization of operational processes and resources make PRAS communication solutions extremely advantageous.

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Among the most demanded PRAS solutions:

Microsoft Unified Communications

The Microsoft Unified Communications solution enables easy and efficient management of your fax, voicemail, calendar and email services on the same platform. All PRAS consultants are certified for this solution and are constantly participating in Microsoft courses and exams.

Fenestrae Faxination, the digital business platform

Faxination, a solution produced by Fenestrae B.V., gives your organization a single point of digitization and document flow convergence. Distributed by PRAS in Romania, the solution is extremely flexible and allows for integration with various other applications, such as SAP, SharePoint or MS Exchange.

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Quality IT services are essential in the information era.