The Network Is the Backbone of Your Organization

PRAS network management services ensure the communication and fluidity of your business processes. We are trained with well-documented solutions and modern tools to provide you with a secure, flexible and reliable network.


Network Services

Whether you want to upgrade, resize, or just optimize your network, PRAS specialists are trained with appropriate wired and wireless solutions.
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Complete Security

The PRAS team ensures your peace of mind by integrating firewalls and private virtual networks (VPNs) and implementing state-of-the-art security protocols.
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Prompt 24/7 Support

PRAS will take corrective and preventive measures to identify existing or potential hardware and software issues. We will also deal with network security features, implementing tested solutions such as checklists, authorizations, alarms, or authentication policies and procedures.

You will benefit from an integrated solution that offers:


Risk Reduction

By working with PRAS, you will gain the confidence to safely use your technology solutions. Through maintenance and security, we support the evolution of your organization.
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Custom Services

To develop and implement optimal networking solutions, PRAS specialists focus on the specific activity profile of your organization.
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Increased Reliability

Lack of network flexibility and performance causes financial losses. Together, we will achieve the optimal reliability of your network.
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Optimizarea costurilor

PRAS consultants will support you with concrete information and suggestions to get the best value for money for your business's real needs.
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We Are Here to Help

Quality IT services are essential in the information era.